Steve Kibiri Ministries

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About Me

Raised by a single mom, I was one of 11 children, living on the streets of Mombasa, Kenya, watching the cars pass by and the planes overhead, dreaming that one day I too would ride instead of pushing the cart up the hills to help my mom make money to feed us kids. As a teenager, I had no other option but to live in the city dumping site, wading through the garbage to eat and meet my own needs. That’s where I was when Jesus found me and I began to follow Him.

Every day since has been an adventure. By God’s grace, he has guided me through every hardship and given me blessings beyond measure. My wife, Nancy, along with our two sons Baraka and Israel serve the Lord with gladness, humbly thanking him for every opportunity he has given.

What we are doing in Kenya ...

By the grace of God and with the help of partners from Kenya and around the world, Steve Kibiri Ministries helps to provide food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical interventions for children and families among the most needy in East Africa. Our daily, weekly, and monthly outreaches provide hot meals, fresh water, along with prayer, counsel, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost. We do daily home visits, transport the sick and injured to receive medical attention, and operate a school where young children can begin their education with a love to learn.

Pastor Testimonials

“I've known Bishop Steve since he was a teenager and I have only seen perseverance and tenacity to know God more and do more for His Kingdom.”

Dr. R.L. Hammonds

President and Founder, KE Resources

I have always known Steve Kibiri as a man with a heart of gold. His leadership and character are evident in his ministry. Steve leaves smiles everywhere he goes. "

Pastor Marques Dunham

Associate Pastor Golden Triangle Church on the Rock

Bishop Steve Kibiri is a great man who brings a difference in people's Lives. He has a heart and always finds a way in leaving people better than he found them

Rev Irene Wairimu

New Birth Empowerment Chapel, Kenya

Bishop Steve Kibiri is passionate, committed and diligent in making a positive impact in people's lives. For many years he remains faithful to the calling of God in his life.

Rev. Eliud Gakinya

Open Doors Rehoboth, Kenya

Bishop Steve's passion for the work of God is amazing. Whether he is leading a church, leading in worship, or feeding children, one can easily tell it is from the heart.

Rev Faith Bogonko

Deliverance Christian Church

Bishop Steve is a dedicated servant of God. He has a big heart and passion for communities. Bishop Steve is forthright, sincere and kindhearted.

Bishop Stephen Nganga Mbugua

Jesus Is Able Family Church